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Young men need contact with children?

12 April 2015: 15 views.

Another terrible gang rape in India. This time an old lady of my own age. A nun - was this the first time she had sex? She also was seriously injured. Which means that the men did not use only ther own penis, but also other things.

We want to connect sexuality with love, affection, tenderness, romance. We want to connect human beings with tenderness, attention, love, concern, solidarity, empathy. How come that some human beings can throw all this aside and behave like monsters?

My idea is that evaluation and testosteron has given young men to have warrior properties, in order to protect their group, their land. Normally, this is domesticated and balanced by being together with small children and women, which encourages their protective instinct.

It seems like when young men are in unisexual groups, this warrior instinct takes over. This happens in armies, prisons, boardin schools, teenager groups etc, in all cultures and all countries. Today, families are getting smaller, which means that teenagers may not even know a baby.

In this respect, India has some disadvantages. First, young men and young women are to some extent kept away from each others. Secondly, there are not women enough for all men to marry. Thirdly, as in other countries, men are migrating to towns in order to find jobs. Here they live and spend free time together with other men. They don't meet their sisters, their small siblings and cousins. Their warrior instinct is let free with no resistance.

Let's just hope that governments, politicians, influential people etc. talk about this and make it clear that rapes is not India. Irrespectively of religion, sex, age etc.


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