onsdag 15 april 2015

Women's rights also in China and Nepal?

It is not only in India and Western countries that the fight for women's right to move freely and safely outside home has started. The stone seems to have started to roll also in China, the world's largest country.

When the two largest countries start changing, this should affect neighbourhood countries in Asia. In Nepal, it is common that girls are married before the legal age of 20. But changes have started also here.

There are still many difficult regions: Middle East, with Saudi-Arabia as the worst example. Maybe the use of economic means can have some effects. Latin-America is based on the macho ideal, where the man always is superior, no matter lack of intelligence, education etc. In parts of Africa, the situation is extremely difficult because of conflicts and terrorist groups like Haram Boko. Here kidnapping of girls and violent rapes are used as weapons to destroy and master societies.

In the Western countries (Europe, North America), we started the travel more than 100 years ago. But that does not mean that we have reached the goal. In many countries, rape within marriage is legal, as well as prostitution. The women is often regarded responsible for the violence a man uses towards her - strange enough.

But I am hopeful. If we, some small countries far north, manage to change the culture and attitude, then powerful countries like India and China will manage also. And others will follow!

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