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Delhi based co to design Bhopal memorial  Times of India (2017)
Adding injustice to injury - health perceptions, plurality, and power in the ongoing Bhopal disaster  Ruth Markwardt (2013)


April 15, 2015

Has the situation changed? Not much. In 2012, I tried to reach contact with the ambassador and others. No reaction. In 2014, in my despair, I invited my family to Nepal where we spent two weeks together.

In October 2015, my eldest grand daughter is going to marry. Will I be allowed to participate? We are extremely close to each others, and both our hearts would cry if I cannot be there.

I see this as a punishment for publishing The Bhopal Saga in 2004. It struck me several years afterwards, when I already was only a passive observer of the Bhopal case. Now, at 73, retired GP (never been a researcher or a journalist) since 2008, I am toothless. No one asks for my non-updated knowledge about the Bhopal case. Very few reads my blogs. I cannot hurt the Indian government.

I just want to join my granddaughter's marriage and see my Bhopali family. Before I get too old and too handicapped to go to India (I have two artificial hip joints, now 15 years old - they might break any day, and then I cannot walk).


January 30, 2011

What is occupying my mind just now is that I was not allowed to enter India last week, although I had a proper visa. I made the journey home - Delhi - home in 29 hours. Except that I was not allowed to meet the person who made the decision to send me back home, I was well treated by the staff at the airport. But that did not help - I felt humiliated, powerless, abandonned. My grief was deep, not meeting my Bhopali family. I cried for hours. Luckily, compared to the refugees that we send back, I was met by my neighbours in my collaborative housing.

You can read more about my relation to India and the Indian embassy on http://www.eckerman.nu/.

October 2, 2010

Swedish is my, my family's and my friends' mother tongue. So it is very natural that Swedish is my preferred language for blogging - specially when I write about what happens in Sweden.

However, now and then I reflect about what happens in India. I regularly visit Bhopal, as I have been involved in the follow up of the Union Carbide gas disaster 1984. Now I am adopted as a "grandmother" by a Bhopali family, so I want to visit my "grand children" at least once a year.

My plans are to add comments in English at this page now and then. You can also follow my English speaking character Ingrid C Eckerman at Facebook.

Information about my book "The Bhopal Saga - Causes and Consequences of the Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster" is found at my webpage http://www.eckerman.nu/.

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