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The Olympic Games and the Bhopal Catastrophe

I was contacted by several relatives and friends. "Do you know there's been a lot on Bhopal on TV? Did you read the article in the biggest daily paper?" And I knew nothing. Not looking at TV, totally uninterested in sports, summerholiday without daily paper, hardly following the news at all ...

Back home I started to search the web. And found that the protests to Dow's sponsorship of the Olympic Games have grown to a big thing. Meredith Alexander left the Sustainability Commission already in January. India's Olympic Committee demanded that London OG should break the sponsor agreement with Dow. Then the Indian Olympic troup threatened to bojcot the inauguration. The handicapped children in Bhopal had their own Olympic Games! It is all over the world.

My role? Well, I have been informed by my network that protests were organised in London in March. But how could I know about the Olympic troup? And from Bhopal I never hear anything, so these local games were a total surprise to me. So, information to the Ambassador in Sweden, President of India, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh: I have not been involved in these protests. I am not active in the Bhopal case. I just want a visa so I can spend my 71st birthday with my eight "grandchildren" in Bhopal - this family that has adopted me as a grandmother. (You find my letter to the Prime Minister here. If you want to support me, please sign my petition!)

On Swedish TV, I find an interview with Claes-Göran Bjernér, a Swedish photographer. A team from Swedish TV arrived to Bhopal by first morning flight on December 3, 1984. The gas was still there, birds were falling down to the ground. They went to most affected area, in the valley, where the gas was most concentrated. Families were lying dead in their beds. It was totally silent, except of the cough. People were walking slowly, chocked and blinded. The doctor in the film could not save a single child. Those who were sent back as little affected came back a weak later, drowning. The photographer himself got seriously affected (emphysema, chronic obstructive lung disease) and has now 20 % lung function. - Interesting is that the figures used in the TV-program are not the official, but the ones from The Bhopal Saga: 8,000 dead and 100,000-200,000 dead.

Claes-Göran Bjernér were also in Vietnam during the war and has been back many times since. Here he also has seen deformed children. In the 60's, he belonged to those who demonstrated outside the American embassy. Maybe I met him then? Anyhow, finally, I will send him a copy of The Bhopal Saga.


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