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March 1, 2012.

This is a short version of the Swedish text To manage on Indian mean wage.
I was planning to write regularly here, maybe about India. That did not happen, although there is much to write about a country that is the world's largest democracy, has the second largest population, is multicultural with more than 60 languages and several religions, winters with meter high snow in the north and tropical heat in the south, mega town and an enormous countriside population, luxure and slums side by side, and a long long history. India is the most different country I know.

Since I finished The Bhopal Saga, I'm no longer an activist, nor author. All the same, I am not allowed to enter India, to visit my eight grandchildren. I have become 70 - I hope to spend my 71st birthday with  my Bhopali family. So to some extent, I follow what is happening in India.

From a friend I received a link to the the article about Matt and Tushar, two students who tried to live at 150 and 26 rs per day, respectively - the average income and the poverty limit for villagers. In their blog they describe how they managed - or not managed - nutriate themselves on this small money.
Life-changing experience:Matt (left) and Tushar.Photo courtesy: Rs100aday.com

I think it is marvellous, that in such a diversified, chaotic country as India, a general strike can be organised. Thank you, Gandhi, who taught this huge population that peaceful demonstrations can change the world.

Here is a picture I found in my files, showing how an American and some Indians are valued.

I don't need to go to India to write naughty articles about India - as an Indian does not have to go to Sweden to write naughty articles about Sweden. It's not lack of material that keeps me from doing it. No, I have other prioritations, as those who understand Swedish know. I am not a journalist, and I am not fighting for the rights of poor people in India. Other people are doing that much better than I ever could. Now and then I open these websites, realising that the content is about the same, year after year.

India together 
Indian doctors for peace and development 
India Resource Center
Asian Human Rights Commission
Association for India's Development
Asia Portal       


January 30, 2011
What is occupying my mind just now is that I was not allowed to enter India last week, although I had a proper visa. I made the journey home - Delhi - home in 29 hours. Except that I was not allowed to meet the person who made the decision to send me back home, I was well treated by the staff at the airport. But that did not help - I felt humiliated, powerless, abandonned. My grief was deep, not meeting my Bhopali family. I cried for hours. Luckily, compared to the refugees that we send back, I was met by my neighbours in my collaborative housing.

You can read more about my relation to India and the Indian embassy on http://www.eckerman.nu/.

October 2, 2010

Swedish is my, my family's and my friends' mother tongue. So it is very natural that Swedish is my preferred language for blogging - specially when I write about what happens in Sweden.

However, now and then I reflect about what happens in India. I regularly visit Bhopal, as I have been involved in the follow up of the Union Carbide gas disaster 1984. Now I am adopted as a "grandmother" by a Bhopali family, so I want to visit my "grand children" at least once a year.

My plans are to add comment in English at this page now and then. You can also follow my English speaking character Ingrid C Eckerman at Facebook.

Information about my book "The Bhopal Saga - Causes and Consequences of the Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster" is found at my webpage http://www.eckerman.nu/.

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